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Where there are an unbeatable dirigible, an unsympathetic brain and a bunch of rich and spoilted nobles

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So, first of all i’m not dead, it’s just that my connection got so bad that i can’t even upload Tumblr correctly, but i still come over from time to time, so if someone gives a shit and was wondering where i was here revealed the mystery.

Let’s talk business: Supernatural finale… The season sucked ass aside from 5 or 6 episodes, but that fucking god damn finale was worth it all, because it was beautiful, i mean in the way things got ugly and fucked up and full of WTFs it probably ended in the best way possible.

Now i only hope they won’t fuck everything up with the next season, since it wouldn’t be the first time they do wonderful and full of suspense finales and then a dumb season follows, it already happened with the 8th season’s finale and the 9th. 

And that’s pretty much it, yeah.
Peace. Out.

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